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LEOI-40 Experimental System for Polarized Light - Complete Model

LEOI-40 Experimental System for Polarized Light - Complete Model


  • Ideal for demo

  • Observing polarization by reflection

  • Measuring Brewster's angle

  • Verifying Malus's law


Compared with other important properties of light such as interference and diffraction, polarization is more abstract and relatively hard to understand. Without special equipment, human eyes or even optical detectors cannot recognize polarization phenomena. LEOI-40 is developed to help students understand the concept and mechanism of polarization. It allows students to measure different types of polarization and the working parameters of optical elements involved. The system is designed for manual operation in order to enhance students’ hands-on ability and consolidate their knowledge and skills. Experiment results can be graphed to schematically illustrate the theory of polarization. Students should acquire a fundamental understanding of polarization and the mechanism involved in polarization elements.


Using this system, the following experimental examples can be conducted:


1. Brewster's angle measurement of a black glass

2. Verification of Malus's law

3. Function study of a half-wave plate

4. Function study of a quarter-wave plate: circularly and elliptically polarized light

Part List

Description Specs/Part No. Qty
Optical Rail Duralumin, 1 m 1
Carrier General 3
Carrier X-adjustable 1
Carrier X-Z adjustable 1
Alignment Screen  1
Lens Holder SZ-08 2
Plate Holder SZ-12 1
Adaptor Piece SZ-09 1
Optical Goniometer SZ-47 1
Polarizer Holder SZ-51 3
Polarizer Φ 20 mm with holder 2
λ/2 Wave Plate Φ 10 mm, λ = 632.8 nm, quartz 1
λ/4 Wave Plate Φ 10 mm, λ = 632.8 nm, quartz 1
Lens f '= 150 mm 1
Black Glass 50×27 mm 1
Beam Expander f '= 4.5 mm 1
He-Ne Laser >1.0 mW @632.8 nm 1
Laser Holder SZ-42 1
Optical Current Amplifier LLM-2 1

LEOI-40 Experimental System-1.jpg

Brewster’s angle measurement

LEOI-40 Experimental System-2.jpg

Verification of Malus’s law

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