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LEOI-24 Apparatus for Measuring Speed of Light

LEOI-24 Apparatus for Measuring Speed of Light

Note: oscilloscope not included 


  • Compact design

  • Phase method with high accuracy

  • Refractive index measurement

  • Optional media tube


This experimental system is designed to measure the speed of light in air/media using the well-known phase method. It employs a 100 MHz intensity-modulated optical beam. By measuring the corresponding phase delay of a mixed optical signal at a low frequency of 455 kHz on various locations, the speed of light can be precisely determined by means of curve-fitting within 3% accuracy.


In addition, it can be expanded to measure the refractive index of various media such as organic glass, synthetic quartz, and various liquids by using an optional media tube.


Light SourceSemiconductor Laser<3 mW @ 650 nm
Apparatus Length0.8 m
Signal Modulation Frequency100 MHz
Phase Measurement Frequency455 kHz
Length of Round-Trip Optical Path0 ~ 1.0 m (retroreflector travel 0 ~ 0.5 m)
Measurement Error of Speed of Light≤ 3%

Part List

Main Unit1
BNC Cable2
Transparent Liquid Tube with Support Carriersoptional

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Schematic of diagram

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