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LEOI-41 Experimental System for Optical Activity

LEOI-41 Experimental System for Optical Activity


  • Include semiconductor laser and optical power meter

  • Understand optical polarization and application

  • Apply Malus's law

  • Study optical activity effect


LEOI-41 is designed to observe the effect of optical activity, reveal the polarization rotation characteristics of an optically active material, and measure the relationship between specific rotation and concentration of glucose solution. Through this system, students can enhance their understanding of the origin of polarized light and its testing method. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Using this system, the following experiment examples can be conducted:


1. Observe polarization phenomenon of light 

2. Observe polarization rotation of light going through glucose solution

3. Measure the specific rotatory power of glucose solution

4. Measure the concentration of glucose solution


Semiconductor Laser Wavelength650 nm
Semiconductor Laser Power5 mW
Optical Rail74 cm

Part List

Semiconductor Laser1
Polarizer Holder2
Two-Axis Adjustable Laser Holder1
Optical Rail1
Specimen Tube1
Photo Detector1
Photocurrent Amplifier1

LEOI-41 Experimental System-1.jpg

1. Semiconductor laser

2. Polarizer with rotary holder

3. Adjustable holder of specimen tube

4. Specimen tube

5. Analyzer with rotary holder

6. Photo detector (Silicon photo cell)

7. Photocurrent amplifier

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