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Products from Lambda Scientific Systems, Inc. cover lab equipment and teaching apparatus from general physics to advanced physics for experimental education at colleges and universities. We also carry spectroscopic equipment and laboratory light sources. All products except turn-key laboratory light sources come with instructional manuals. 

Lambda Scientific Systems, Inc. has implemented strict product safety and quality assurance policies on all the products that we sell. Our products are built to last durably and function safely. All products sold by Lambda Scientific Systems, Inc. are brand new, as we do not sell used or refurbished equipment. Product quality is reinforced at multiple stages from production all the way to final test before shipment. We are confident that the quality and safety of our products is one of the highest in the industry.

  • Mechanics

    Physics lab equipment for Young's Modulus, pendulum, moment of inertia, viscosity, surface tension, air track, gravitational constant & sound waves.

  • Heat

    Physics lab equipment for thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, energy conversion, and characteristics of temperature sensors.

  • Electromagnetism

    Physics lab equipment for electron beam, work function, Hall effect, PN junction, Helmholtz coil, magnetic hysteresis, EM wave & microwave.

  • Optics Education Kits

    Optics kits for geometric optics, physical optics & modern optics to cover ray tracing, imaging, interference, diffraction, polarization, holography & Fourier optics.

  • Lasers & Photonics

    Physics lab equipment for electro-optic, acousto-optic & magneto-optic effects; laser physics; fiber optics, and photonics.

  • Advanced Physics

    Physics lab equipment for NMR, Zeeman, Planck's constant, Franck-Hertz, Millikan oil drop, e/m, electron diffraction, ultrasound & microwave.

  • Spectral Instruments

    Lab equipment covers CCD grating spectrometer, modular multi-functional grating spectrometer, monochromator, refractometer & polarimeter.

  • Lab Light Sources

    Stand-alone lab equipment of Na, Hg, Hydrogen-Deuterium, variable white light lamps, IR light source, fiber optic source & direct VGA output cameras.

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