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Spectral Instruments
Lab equipment covers CCD grating spectrometer, modular multi-functional grating spectrometer, monochromator, refractometer & polarimeter.
  • FTIR-7600 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

    FTIR-7600 is a single-beam Fourier-transform infrared spectrometer with fast scan speed and high accuracy. This instrument is operated by a PC with user friendly software and a comprehensive manual.

  • LEOI-100 Experimental CCD Spectrometer

    LEOI-100 Experimental CCD Spectrometer is a general-purpose instrument. It uses a linear CCD as the receiving unit capable of real-time data acquisition with 3-dimensional display feature.

  • LEOI-101 Modular Multifunctional Grating Spectrometer

    This spectrometer is designed to help students understand light and wave phenomena. Using this instrument, students will be able to learn how a grating spectrometer/monochromator works.

  • LEOI-92 Miniature Monochromator

    Manually operated monochromator utilizing a dial for wavelength selection. The entrance and exit slits can be set either at 0.15 mm or at 0.3 mm. Focal length is 100 mm.

  • LEOI-96 Kirchhoff Bunsen Spectroscope

    This basic spectrometer is designed after Kirchhoff and Bunsen. Used to illustrate spectroscopic construction, observe emission/absorption spectra, measure the wavelength of spectral line, etc.

  • LEOI-112 Abbe Refractometer

    Refractive index nD: 1.3000-1.7000, accuracy: ±0.0002, dissolved solids Brix: 0-95%, visual aim, optical index-plate reading.

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