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Physics lab equipment for Young's Modulus, pendulum, moment of inertia, viscosity, surface tension, air track, gravitational constant & sound waves.
  • LEMI-12 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Hall Sensor Method

    This apparatus is designed to study the deformation characteristics of thin metal sheet samples under load. Deformation is created by applying a small force on the sheet. A micro-displacement sensor based on Hall effect is used for measuring the deformation.

  • LEMI-13 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Resonance Method

    This apparatus is designed to study the deformation characteristics of a metal round bar by using the dynamic vibrational resonance method. The Young's modulus can be determined by measuring the vibration resonant frequency of the sample.

  • LEMI-16 Simple Pendulum with Electric Timer

    Using an integrated Hall sensor and electronic timer,this apparatus can accurately measure period under large swing angle in a few swing cycles, so the air damping of the pendulum angle can be ignored. It is possible to acquire the precise value of the gravitational acceleration.

  • LEMI-17 Apparatus of Shear Modulus and Rotational Moment of Inertia

    This apparatus can measure rotational moment of inertia of rigid objects around different axes and verify the perpendicular axis theorem and parallel axis theorem. It is an ideal tool for fundamental physics teaching in colleges and universities.

  • LEMI-18 Rotational Moment of Inertia Apparatus

    This apparatus uses the three-string pendulum method for the determination of rigid body moment of inertia. A photoelectric sensor combined with a time counting device are used to measure the torsional oscillation period of the hanging plate.

  • LEMI-21 Simple Harmonic Motion and Spring Constant

    This experimental apparatus improves traditional versions on the reading device by using a pointer plus a reflective mirror combined with a vernier and on the timing device by using an integrated Hall sensor.

  • LEMI-23 Pohl's Pendulum - Forced Oscillation

    This apparatus consists of a mechanical resonant vibration unit and an electric control unit. It can determine the amplitude and the phase-frequency characteristics and study the influence of damping coefficient on forced vibration.

  • LEMI-25 Pendulum and Projectile Apparatus

    This pendulum and projectile experimental apparatus studies the collision of two objects, as well as the simple pendulum motion before collision and the projectile motion after collision. It offers reliable structure and high accuracy with eliminated parallax and reduced friction influence.

  • LEMI-30 Apparatus of Measuring Liquid Surface Tension Coefficient

    This apparatus is a new type apparatus for measuring liquid surface tension coefficient based on pulling and break-away method using a silicon crystal resistance strain gauge. It offers high sensitivity, linearity and stability.

  • LEMI-32 Measuring Liquid Viscosity - Falling Sphere Method

    Measurement of liquid viscosity coefficient using falling ball method has obvious physical phenomena, clear concept, detailed experimental operations and training contents.

  • LEMI-35 Measuring Liquid Viscosity - Capillary Method

    This apparatus measures the viscous coefficient of liquid using an Ostwald viscometer. It requires less sample with high precision temperature control and good repeatability.

  • LEMI-40 Apparatus of Magnetic Damping and Kinetic Friction Coefficient

    This experimental apparatus is designed to measure the uniform sliding speed of a magnetic slide on a non-ferromagnetic conductor inclined rail. Through data processing, magnetic damping coefficient and sliding friction coefficient can be acquired.

  • LEMI-45 Complete Air Track Apparatus

    Coming with an air blower and a digital timer, the air track can be used to do variety kinds of experiment for study the velocity, acceleration, momentum, collisions and kinetic, etc. It is the ideal experiment instrument for demonstration & experiment.

  • LEMI-46 Complete Free Falling Body Apparatus

    The regular motion of a free falling body can be observed qualitatively and measured quantitatively using the instrument. This is a complete set of apparatus for free fall experiments.

  • LEMI-51 Interference, Diffraction and Velocity Measurement of Sound Wave

    This apparatus can be used to observe standing waves and resonance phenomenon of interference, measure the speed and wavelength of sound in air, observe double-slit interference and diffraction of sound, observe the interference of original wave and reflected wave.

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