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LEMI-25 Pendulum and Projectile Apparatus

LEMI-25 Pendulum and Projectile Apparatus


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Collision between objects are ubiquitous in nature. A simple pendulum motion and a horizontal projectile motion are the basic contents of kinematics. Conservations of energy and momentum are important concepts in mechanics. This pendulum and projectile experimental apparatus studies the collision of two objects, as well as the simple pendulum motion before collision and the projectile motion after collision.


This instrument is designed to provide the following benefits:


1. A rail made from aluminum alloy is used to eliminate parallax errors of components

2. A rod for supporting steel ball has conical flat top surface to reduce the friction impact after collision

3. Well position control and adjustment of components ensure repeatable experimental results

Main Parts and Specifications

Height adjustable postScale marked range: 0 ~ 20 cm, with electromagnet
Swing ballSteel, diameter: 20 mm
Target ballDiameter: 20 mm and 18 mm, respectively
Guide railLength: 35 cm
Ball bearing post rodDiameter: 4 mm
Simple pendulum support postLength: 45 cm, adjustable
Target boxLength: 30 cm; width: 12 cm

LEMI-25 Pendulum and Projectile Apparatus.jpg

Schematic of system

1. leveling screw, 2. rail, 3. slider, 4. post, 5. scale, 6. pendulum ball, 7. electromagnet, 8. armature, 9. pendulum string, 10. lock screw, 11. adjust screw, 12. post, 13. collision ball, 14. ball support, 15. slider, 16. tray 

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