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Physics lab equipment for thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, heat capacity, energy conversion, and characteristics of temperature sensors.
  • LETI-10 Specific Heat Ratio of Air

    This apparatus uses a diffused Silicon pressure sensor to measure gas pressure and uses an integrated temperature sensor to measure temperature, achieving higher accuracy and sensitivity on the measurement of gas pressure and temperature. Experiment error is less than 3%.

  • LETI-20 Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus

    This experiment measures the thermal conductivity coefficient of a poor conductor (rubber) by using steady-state method. Students will master the experimental method for calculating the transfer rate and cooling rate.

  • LETI-30 Thermal Expansion Experiment - Optical Interference

    This apparatus utilizes a Michelson interferometer to determine the linear expansion coefficient of sample material. The accuracy of length expansion of a heated sample is better than submicron.

  • LETI-40 Apparatus of Comprehensive Heat Experiments

    This comprehensive experimental apparatus consists of a control unit and a number of functional modules. The control unit integrates measurement and display units while each functional module is specifically designed for a particular experiment.

  • LETI-50 Temperature Properties of Various Temperature Sensors

    This apparatus consists of a precise temperature control system, a constant-current source, a DC bridge, DC power supplies and a digital voltmeter. It is used to study the temperature properties of various temperature sensors.

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