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LEOI-30 Measurement of Diffraction Intensity - Complete Model

LEOI-30 Measurement of Diffraction Intensity - Complete Model


  • Stable performance with easy operation

  • LED display with accurate reading

  • Including He-Ne laser and photodetector with amplifier

  • Complete system


This system can be used to quantitatively investigate diffraction effects. To capture and analyze diffraction patterns, a photocell is used to transform diffraction pattern into current which is displayed by a LED. The intensity distribution of diffraction can be plotted with the numerical data recorded. This experiment can help students understand the wave nature of light and improve their experimental skills.


Using this system, the following experimental examples can be conducted:


Fraunhofer Diffraction (Far-field)

1. Fraunhofer diffraction through a single-slit

2. Fraunhofer diffraction through a multi-slit plate

3. Fraunhofer diffraction through a single circular aperture

4. Fraunhofer diffraction through a transmission grating


Fresnel Diffraction (Near-field)

1. Fresnel diffraction through a single-slit

2. Fresnel diffraction through a multi-slit plate

3. Fresnel diffraction through a circular aperture

4. Fresnel diffraction past a straight edge

Part List

Description Specs/Part# Qty
Optical Rail 1 m, Black anodized aluminum 1
Carrier General 2
Carrier x-translation 2
Carrier x-z translations 1
Transverse Measurement Stage Travel: 80 mm, Accuracy: 0.01 mm 1
He-Ne Laser >1.0 mW (LLL-2) 1
Lens Holder SZ-08 2
Plate Holder SZ-12 1
White Screen SZ-13 1
Adjustable Slit Continuously adjustable from 0-2 mm (SZ-40) 1
Laser Holder SZ-42 1
Lens f '= 6.2, 150 mm 1 each
Multi-slit Chrome Plate 2,3,4,5 slits (slit width: 0.03 mm; adjacent slit gap: 0.06 mm) 1
Multi-hole Chrome Plate 5 circular holes: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4//0.5 mm (diameter) 1
5 square holes: 0.1/0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5 mm (side length)
Grating 20 lines/mm (with mount) 1
Detector and Amplifier 20 μW-200 mW (LLM-2) 1
Alignment Aperture 1

LEOI-30 Measurement -1.jpgDiffraction pattern of single slit.jpg

Fraunhofer diffraction of single slit

LEOI-30 Measurement -2.jpgDiffraction pattern of multiple slits.jpg

Fraunhofer diffraction of multiple slits

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