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LEAI-40 Apparatus of Millikan's Experiment - Basic Model

LEAI-40 Apparatus of Millikan's Experiment - Basic Model


  • Compact structure and stable performance

  • Easy to use

  • Affordable

  • Optional VGA video camera for accurate measurement on LCD monitor


This LEAI-40 apparatus of Millikan oil droplet experiment is designed to verify the quantum nature of electrical charges, measure the elementary charge of an electron, and observe the Brownian motion. Using an optional VGA camera with built-in electronic grid lines, oil drop image can be acquired and displayed in real-time on a LCD monitor for more convenient observation and accurate measurementIt is an ideal teaching apparatus for physics laboratories in colleges and universities.

The instruction manual includes experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Voltage between upper & lower plates0 ~ 500 V
Distance between upper & lower plates5 mm ± 0.2 mm
Magnification of measuring microscope30 X
Linear field of vision3 mm
Total division of scale2 mm
Resolution of objective lens100 lines/mm

CMOS VGA Video Camera (Optional)

Sensor size: 1/4"
Resolution: 1280 × 1024
Pixel size: 2.8 μm × 2.8 μm
Bit: 8
Output format: VGA
Length measurement on screen with cross line cursor
Function setting & operation: via keypad and menu
Camera to eyepiece tube adapter lens: 0.3 X 
Dimensions320 mm x 220 mm x 190 mm

Parts List

Main Unit1
Oil Sprayer1
Clock Oil1 bottle, 30 mL
Power Cord1
Instructional Manual1
CMOS VGA Camera & Adapter Lens (Optional)1 set

Apparatus of Millikan's Experiment.png

Illustration of system configuration

1 wind proof, 2 insulation ring, 

3 oil drop, 4 clamping spring, 

5 upper polar plate, 6 illuminating lamp holder, 7 light guiding column, 8 lower polar plate

LEAI-40 Apparatus-1.jpg

Oil drop image acquired by VGA camera

(Click photo to enlarge)

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