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LEAI-10 Experimental System of CW NMR - Complete Model

LEAI-10 Experimental System of CW NMR - Complete Model

Note: oscilloscope not included


  • NMR signals of H-nuclei and F-nuclei

  • Stable & large adjustment range of magnetic field

  • Homogeneous magnetic field

  • Complete system including frequency meter and Teslameter


This LEAI-10 experimental system of continuous-wave nuclear magnetic resonance (CW-NMR) consists of a probe, an electromagnet, and a main machine unit. It is easy to use with a high SNR. It is an ideal experimental instrument for advanced physics laboratories. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Using this instrument, the following experiments can be performed:


1. Understand the classical theory of NMR.

2. Master the experimental method for studying NMR phenomena.

3. Observe NMR absorption signals of H-nuclei and F-nuclei, and measure magnetic field strength.

4. Observe NMR phenomena and determine gyromagnetic ratio, g-factor and nuclear magnetic moment.



Power supply of electromagnet

max output voltage: ≥30 VDC
output current: DC 0 ~ 3.0 A adjustable
meter accuracy: 1%
Electromagnetmax magnetic field: ≥400 mT

Sweeping field

max output voltage: ≥10 VAC (effective value)
output current: AC 0.2 ~ 0.5 A adjustable
phase adjustment range: ≥180°
Sweeping field2 ~ 20 mT
Signal amplitude≥0.5 Vp-p, water specimen
SpecimenFeCl3 or CuSO4 solution (user supply), φ5 mm; solid PTFE, φ4X40 mm
Oscillator frequency10 MHz to 14 MHz

Parts List

Main Unit1
Specimen Probe2
Power Cord1
Frequency Meter1
Instructional Manual1

LEAI-10 Experimental System of nuclear magnetic resonance.png

Observed NMR signal of PTFE (F-nuclei)


Observed coda waves of NMR signal of water (H-nuclei)


Butterfly-shape signal


Schematic of NMR system

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