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LEAI-90 Apparatus of A-Scan Ultrasound & Applications

LEAI-90 Apparatus of A-Scan Ultrasound & Applications

Note: oscilloscope not included


  • High performance

  • Simple, stable, and reliable

  • Ideal for bio/medical physics teaching


Ultrasonic waves refer to sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper hearing limit of the human ear. Ultrasonic technology is widely used as a nondestructive detection method. It is based on the propagation property of an ultrasonic wave in a medium as impacted by the material itself or the internal defects in the material. It can detect the size, shape, and distribution of defects inside a material or on the surface of a material (such as cracks, inclusions, defective fusions). Ultrasonic detection offers high sensitivity, strong penetrability, and is able to probe heavy forgings.


A-scan is an amplitude-modulated one-dimensional scan which can be used to detect the presence of flaws in materials, while B-scan is a two-dimensional, cross-sectional view of an object, also called brightness scan.


This apparatus is an experimental demonstration instrument based on A-scan ultrasonic pulse-echo technology. It can demonstrate the working principle of a medical ultrasonic diagnostic instrument or an industrial ultrasonic flaw detector. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions and some experimental results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Using this apparatus, the following experiments can be performed:


1. Measurement of the sound velocity in water or the thickness of a water layer.

2. Simulative measurement of the thickness of a human organ.

3. Determination of the resolution of the apparatus.

4. Measurement of the thickness of a solid object and test of the internal defects in a sample under test.

Main Parts and Specifications

Pulse voltage450 V
Output pulse width< 5 μs
Detection blind area< 0.5 cm
Detection depth<100 cm in water
Ultrasonic transducer probeintegrated transmitter/receiver, frequency 2.5 MHz
Cylindrical samplesaluminum alloy, crown glass, and plastic
Block for resolution test
Sample for defect detection

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Schematic of ultrasound diagnosis

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Simulation of ultrasound diagnosis of human organ

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