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LEAI-20 Zeeman Effect Apparatus with Permanent Magnet

LEAI-20 Zeeman Effect Apparatus with Permanent Magnet


  • Permanent magnet for high intensity and stable magnetic field

  • Variable magnetic field intensity through spacing adjustment of poles

  • High accuracy Teslameter included

  • Optional CCD and software for Windows 7/8/10, 32/64-bit computers


This LEAI-20 experimental system of Zeeman effect with permanent magnet consists of a main unit (including Teslameter, light source power supply, etc.), a permanent magnet, a pencil Mercury lamp, focusing/imaging lenses, an interference optical filter, a F-P etalon, a polarizer, a direct reading microscope, a CCD camera (optional), a USB image acquisition box (optional), and analysis software (optional). It is an ideal experimental instrument for advanced physics laboratories.


Using this instrument, the following experiments can be conducted:


1. Observe Zeeman effect, and understand atomic magnetic moment and spatial quantization

2. Observe the splitting and polarization of a Mercury atomic spectral line at 546.1 nm

3. Calculate the Bohr magneton based on Zeeman splitting amount

4. Learn how to adjust a Fabry-Perot etalon and apply a CCD device in spectroscopy


Permanent magnetintensity: 1360 mT; pole spacing: > 7 mm (adjustable)
Etalondia: 40 mm; L (air): 2 mm; passband:>100 nm; R= 95%; flatness < λ/30
Teslameterrange: 0-1999 mT; resolution: 1 mT
Pencil mercury lampemitter diameter: 7 mm; power: 3 W
Interference optical filterCWL: 546.1 nm; half passband: 8 nm; aperture: 19 mm
Direct reading microscopemagnification: 20 X; range: 8 mm; resolution: 0.01 mm
Lensescollimating: dia 34 mm; imaging: dia 30 mm, f=157 mm

Parts List

Main Unit1
Pencil Mercury Lamp1
Milli-Teslameter Probe1
Mechanical Rail1
Carrier Slide5
Collimating Lens1
Interference Filter1
F-P Etalon1
Imaging Lens1
Direct Reading Microscope1
Power Cord1
CCD, USB Interface & Software1 set (optional)

Zeeman Effect Apparatus.pngSchematic of experimental setup

  • 1. Magnet        

  • 2. Mercury lamp

  • 3. Condensing lens

  • 4. Filter 

  • 5. F-P etalon
    6. Polarizer 

  • 7. Imaging lens

  • 8. Microscope

LEAI-20 Zeeman Effect-1.jpg

Fringes after applying magnetic field

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