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LEAI-65 Microwave and Waveguide Experimental System

LEAI-65 Microwave and Waveguide Experimental System

Note: oscilloscope not included


  • Comprehensive microwave waveguide experiments

  • Various waveguide components

  • High quality microwave devices

  • Dielectric material samples included


This experimental system is designed to measure microwave parameters, suitable for modern physics or electrical engineering teaching at colleges and universities. It consists of various microwave waveguide components at three-centimeter wavelength. Various experiments can be configured by selecting proper components, allowing students to conduct the following experiments:


1. Learn how to use various microwave devices and components

2. Understand microwave work states and transmission characteristics through waveguides

3. Understand field properties of microwave transmission paths

4. Measure standing wave, attenuation, wavelength (frequency), and power of microwave

5. Learn how to measure permittivity of microwave dielectric materials and tangent value of loss angle


Solid-state microwave signal source
Frequencyrange: 8.6 ~ 9.6 GHz; draft: ± 5×10-4/15 min; display error: ± 40 MHz
Output power> 20 mW
Attenuation adjustment range> 20 dB
WaveformEqual amplitude
Internal modulationsquare-wave; repetition frequency 1000 Hz
External modulationpolarity: +/-; amplitude: 5 ~ 40 VP-P; width: 0.2 ~ 3 μs; frequency: 300 ~ 3000 Hz
Narrow-band frequency scanscan width: > 50 MHz; continuously adjustable
RF output connectorN-type 50 Ω coaxial connector
Scan outputBNC connector, sawtooth wave output: 1 ~ 10 V
Slotted line measurement device
Frequency range8.2 GHz ~ 12.4 GHz
Standing-wave coefficient≤ 1.03 (synthesis voltage)
Probetravel: 95 mm; insertion depth: 1.5 mm
Frequency-selective amplifier
Frequency range400 Hz ~ 10 kHz
Input voltage dynamic range10 μV ~ 2000 mV
Sensitivity10 μV (full scale)
Input impedance20 kΩ (1 kHz)
Centimeter wave power meter
Frequency range8.6 GHz ~ 9.6 GHz
Power range100 μW ~ 100 mW
Microwave wavemeter
Frequency range8.2 GHz ~ 12.4 GHz
Resolution0.005 GHz
Cross section dimensioninner: 22.86 mm × 10.16 mm

Parts List

Solid-state microwave signal source (@3 cm)1
Slotted line measurement device (3 cm microwave)1
Frequency-selective amplifier1
Centimeter wave power meter1
Variable attenuator1
Wavelength meter1
Detector display1
Variable reactor1
Single micrometer tuner1
Straight waveguide1
Matching load1
Short-circuit plate1
Resonant cavity1
Coupler plate1
Dielectric material sampleplastic glass, PTFE & black bakelite (3 pcs/ea)
Waveguide stand support3
Instructional manual1
Precision variable attenuator

1 (option 1)

H-type 90 degree curve waveguide1 set (option 2)
H-type waveguide switch
Straight waveguide (L=150)
Directional coupler
Mismatched load (VSWR 1.5 or 2.0)
Mismatched load (VSWR 6-7)
Passing through cavity

     Microwave and Waveguide Experimental System.png

Block diagram of standing wave measurement

     LEAI-65 Series Experiments-1.jpg

Standing wave distribution in cavity

     Microwave and Waveguide Experimental System.png

Block diagram of microwave power measurement

       LEAI-65 Experiments on Microwave & Measuring Waveguide Parameters.png

Resonance curve with sample in cavity

  Microwave and Waveguide Experimental System.png

Block diagram of waveguide wavelength measurement

     LEAI-65 Experiments on Microwave & Measuring Waveguide Parameters.png

Block diagram of measurement of ε and tan(δ) of media

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