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LEOI-42 Experimental System for Polarized Light- Enhanced Model

LEOI-42 Experimental System for Polarized Light- Enhanced Model


  • Verify Malus's law

  • Observe polarization by reflection

  • Measure Brewster's angle & refractive index of glass

  • Study effect of optical activity


Compared with other important properties of light such as interference and diffraction, polarization is more abstract and relatively hard to understand. Without special equipment, human eyes or even optical detectors cannot recognize polarization phenomena. LEOI-42 is developed to help students understand the concept and mechanism of polarization. It allows students to measure different types of polarization and the working parameters of optical elements involved. The system is designed for manual operation in order to enhance students’ hands-on ability and consolidate their knowledge and skills. Experiment results can be graphed to schematically illustrate the theory of polarization. Students should acquire a fundamental understanding of polarization and the mechanism involved in polarization elements.

The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Using this system, the following experiments can be conducted:


1. Verification of Malus's Law

2. Function study of a half-wave plate

3. Function study of a quarter-wave plate: circularly and elliptically polarized light

4. Measurement of Brewster's angle of a glass plate

5. Measurement of refractive index of a glass block

6. Observation of polarization rotation of light going through a glucose solution

7. Measurement of specific rotatory power of a glucose solution

8. Measurement of concentration of a glucose solution specimen

Part List

Optical Raillength 0.74 m1
Semiconductor Laserwavelength 650 nm1
Sliderwith holder3
Polarizerwith scaled rotational mount2
λ/2 Wave Platewith scaled rotational mount1
λ/4 Wave Platewith scaled rotational mount1
White Screen
Digital Galvanometer
Rotational Stage0~360° scaled1
Special Sliderwith rotational arm and post holders1
Specimen Glass Block
Liquid Specimen Tubewith mount2
Manualelectronic version1

LEOI-42 Experimental System-1.jpg

Brewster’s angle measurement

LEOI-42 Experimental System-2.jpg

Verification of Malus’s law

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