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LEOK-8 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization Kit - Basic Model

LEOK-8 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization Kit - Basic Model


  • 8 fundamental experiments

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • Easy alignment

  • Affordable price


The LEOK-8 Optics Experiment Kit is developed for general optics education at affordable cost. It can be used to demonstrate eight experiments, covering interference, diffraction, and polarization laws of light. With a 12 V/50 W halogen-tungsten lamp as the light source, bright experimental phenomena can be demonstrated. Please click to view Experiment Contents of the instruction manual.


A list of eight experiments can be demonstrated as follows:


1. Double-slit interference

2. Bi-mirror interference

3. Newton's ring interference

4. Single-slit diffraction

5. Multi-slit diffraction

6. Grating diffraction

7. Polarization by reflection

8. Polarization by polarizer

Part List

DescriptionSpecs/Part #Qty
Bi-mirrorsupplementary angle 8'1
Double-slitinterval d=0.08 mm1
Newton's ringdiameter 32 mm, r > 6 m1
Single-slitwidth 0.08 mm1
Multi-slitinterval d =0.08 mm1
Grating100 l/mm1
Polarizerdiameter 32 mm2
Reflective glass plate40 x 70 mm1
Lensf = 70 ± 5 mm1
Light source single-slitwidth 0.025 mm and 0.11 mm1 each
Ground glass screen110 x 90 mm1
Newton ring supporter
Rotatable optical bench
Trapezoid pedestal
Short slide
Long slide
Light source12 V/50 W1
Observation tubewith internal magnifying lens1

Setup of double slit interference.jpg

Setup of double slit interferance

Double slit interference.jpg

Pattern of double slit interferance

Single slit diffraction.jpg

Pattern of single slit diffractionGrating diffraction.jpg

Pattern of grating diffraction

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