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LEOK-8 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization Kit - Basic Model

LEOK-8 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization Kit - Basic Model


  • 8 fundamental experiments

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • Easy alignment

  • Affordable price


The LEOK-8 Optics Experiment Kit is developed for general optics education at affordable cost. It can be used to demonstrate eight experiments, covering interference, diffraction, and polarization laws of light. With a 12 V/50 W halogen-tungsten lamp as the light source, bright experimental phenomena can be demonstrated.


A list of eight experiments can be demonstrated as follows:


1. Double-slit interference

2. Bi-mirror interference

3. Newton's ring interference

4. Single-slit diffraction

5. Multi-slit diffraction

6. Grating diffraction

7. Polarization by reflection

8. Polarization by polarizer

Part List

DescriptionSpecs/Part #Qty
Bi-mirrorsupplementary angle 8'1
Double-slitinterval d=0.08 mm1
Newton's ringdiameter 32 mm, r > 6 m1
Single-slitwidth 0.08 mm1
Multi-slitinterval d =0.08 mm1
Grating100 l/mm1
Polarizerdiameter 32 mm2
Reflective glass plate40 x 70 mm1
Lensf = 70 ± 5 mm1
Light source single-slitwidth 0.025 mm and 0.11 mm1 each
Ground glass screen110 x 90 mm1
Newton ring supporter
Rotatable optical bench
Trapezoid pedestal
Short slide
Long slide
Light source12 V/50 W1
Observation tubewith internal magnifying lens1
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