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LEOK-42 Fourier Optics Experiment Kit

LEOK-42 Fourier Optics Experiment Kit

Note: stainless steel optical table or breadboard not provided


  • Including He-Ne laser with power supply

  • Flexible configuration

  • Detailed instruction manual


This Fourier Optics Experiment Kit contains two portions of experimental contents, namely optical image addition/subtraction and optical image differentiation, which are implemented by using a sinusoidal grating and a composite grating, respectively. Experimental topics cover 4f optical system, Fourier optical filtering in frequency domain, Fourier phase shift theorem, and convolution theorem. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and required parts. Please click to view some sample pages of the instruction manual.

Experimental Contents

1. Understand the physical principle of optical image addition and subtraction using a diffraction grating
2. Understand the principle of optical image differentiation operation
3. Acknowledge Fourier optical filtering
4. Familiarize with the structure and principle of an optical 4f system 

Part List and Specifications

Optical railAluminum1
General carrier
X-translation carrier
He-Ne laser w/power supply2.0 mW@632.8 nm1 set
Laser tube holder
Expander lensf = 6.2 mm1
Collimation lensf = 225 mm1
Fourier lensf = 150 mm2
Lens holder
1-D grating100 lines/mm1
Composite grating100 and 102 lines/mm1
Object plate+ - and T2
Kinematic mount
White screen
Plate holder
Instruction manual

 Fourier Optics Experiment Kit.jpg

Schematic of image addition/subtraction

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