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Lab Light Sources
Stand-alone lab equipment of Na, Hg, Hydrogen-Deuterium, variable white light lamps, IR light source, fiber optic source & direct VGA output cameras.
  • LLE-1 Low Pressure Mercury Lamp

    Low-pressure Mercury lamp is frequently used for wavelength calibration of optical measuring instruments. It is also the ideal light source for conducting spectroscopic experiments using our experimental instruments and education kits.

  • LLE-2 Low Pressure Sodium Lamp

    Low-pressure Sodium vapor lamp emits light useful for wavelength calibration or resolution regulation. It is also the ideal light source for observing interference and diffraction phenomena using our experimental instruments and education kits.

  • LLE-4 Pencil Style Mercury Lamp

    This pencil style Mercury lamp is an ideal light source for calibration of spectroscopic instruments. It is also an ideal light source for Zeeman effect experiment.

  • LLE-8 Hydrogen-Deuterium Lamp

    The LLE-8 lamp is a gas discharge lamp that can be used for wavelength calibration. It is a popular light source widely used in physics and other teaching laboratories.

  • LLE-9 High Pressure Mercury Lamp

    The LLE-9 is a powerful arc-discharge Mercury lamp. The high in-tube gas pressure and luminescent efficiency produce more and stronger spectral lines from Mercury.

  • LLC-1 Tungsten-Bromine Lamp

    The LLC-1 uses a special power supply (DC 12 V) to ensure steady and consistent lamp output with excellent focusing power. Power is 30 W. LLC-1A: brightness adjustable.

  • LLC-3 Brightness Adjustable White Light Source

    With a compact structure, this white light source produces a stable output in the visible and near infrared range. A piece of ground glass or iris diaphragm can be placed at the output window through using the attached spring clip to create an area light source or a spot light source.

  • LLC-8 Infrared Light Source

    This is a special light source for use in wavelength range from 2.5 µm to 25 µm. With built-in focusing and intensity-modulating mechanism, it can be used for measurement of both infrared reflection and absorption spectra of various substances.

  • LLC-9 Sodium-Tungsten Lamp

    Combine Sodium lamp and Tungsten lamp in one unit. Sodium lamp 20 W, and Tungsten lamp 6V 15W, ideal for interferometry experiments to demonstrate white light interference.

  • LLC-10A Fiber Optic Tungsten-Bromine Light Source

    LLC-10A light source is a new fiber optic light source with compact design. It equips a high power output lamp (150 W). Output port connection SMA-905 and brightness adjustable.

  • LLC-18 Brightness Adjustable Tungsten Lamp

    White light produced by a high-intensity Bromine-Tungsten light bulb provides various applications in the visible and near infrared band. LLC-18: 50 W; LLC-18A: 75 W.

  • LLD-1 VGA Video Camera with Length Measurement Function

    This video camera outputs VGA signal and can be set haircross lines for length measurement. Settings and operations can be executed via a keypad. The acquired video can be projected onto a large screen for group watch.

  • LLL-2 He-Ne Laser

    A He-Ne laser is an ideal tool for alignment and education applications. It can be used in geometric optics, interference, diffraction and polarization experiments.

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