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LLL-2 He-Ne Laser

LLL-2 He-Ne Laser


  • Complete set including power supply and tube

  • 500:1 linearly polarized output

  • With open/close shutter

  • Excellent stability of output power  

  • Long life with hard-sealed tube


A Helium-Neon laser tube is a low-pressure gas filled glass cylinder with a pair of mirrors attached at the ends. It is a general laser device used in a variety of applications and it is also the most practical choice of economical gas lasers for beginners. A He-Ne laser is an ideal tool for alignment and education applications. It can be used in geometric optics, interference, diffraction and polarization experiments.


Wavelength632.8 nm
Min. output power (TEM002.5 mW
Beam diameter (1/e2 points, TEM00)0.63 mm
Polarization ratioLinear 500:1
Beam divergence (TEM00, full angle)1.3 mrad
High voltage cableLength > 100 cm (w/Alden polarized coax connector) 
Tube DimensionsLength 270 mm, diameter 42 mm (w/beam open/close switch)

Part List

He-Ne laser tube1
Power supply1

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