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LLE-2 Low Pressure Sodium Lamp

LLE-2 Low Pressure Sodium Lamp


  • Ground glass & diaphragm supplied

  • Output of 20 W

  • Housing, support base with post, and power supply included

  • Height of lamp adjustable with post/post holder


Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamp emits light at 589 nm and 589.6 nm, useful for wavelength calibration or resolution regulation. When the lamp is turned on, it initially emits dim pink light to warm the Sodium metal; then it turns into the common bright orange color as the Sodium metal vaporizes. Generally, a low-pressure Sodium lamp requires a warm up period of about ten minutes before it reaches substantially full light output, and has to cool down before restart.


Power20 W
Operating Voltage20 VAC
Operating Current1 ~ 1.3 A
Base TypeE27
Dimension of Bulb28 mm in OD, 155 mm in length
Dimension of Housing50 mm (dia), 195 mm in length
Dimension of Windows2 opposite windows: 30 mm (height) x 16 mm (width)
Range of Height Adjustment150 mm to 260 mm

Part List

Sodium bulb1
Housing with base and post1
Power supply1
Window barrier1 ground glass, and 1 metal plate with a pin hole
Power cord1

    LLE-2 Low Pressure-1.jpg

Interference fringes of Sodium D-lines

    LLE-2 Spectrum-fine.jpg

Spectrum of Sodium lamp

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