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LEOK-15 Optical Diffraction and Interference Demonstrator

LEOK-15 Optical Diffraction and Interference Demonstrator


  • Diffraction of various targets such as pin-hole, single slit, multi-slit, and single wire.

  • Interference of various widths and spacings of double-slit.

  • Powered by 2 AA batteries. 

  • Easy-to-use and low-cost.


LEOK-15 can be used for the demonstration of various optical diffraction and interference phenomena. With the aid of proper sensor and program, parameters such as light wavelength, slit width, and wire diameter can also be measured (e.g. LEOI-30).

Experiment examples include diffractions of a single slit, a round aperture, a rectangular aperture, a square aperture, a triangular aperture, a round stop, a knife edge, and interference of a double-slit, a triple-slit, and a quadruple-slit. Please click to view Experiment Contents of the instruction manual.

Parts and Specifications

Diode laserWavelength: 630 ~ 635 nm; power: 3 mW
Power supply2 AA batteries 


Diffraction of single slit


Diffraction of circular hole

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