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LEOK-2 Holography & Interferometry Experiment Kit

LEOK-2 Holography & Interferometry Experiment Kit

Note: stainless steel optical table or breadboard not provided


  • 5 fundamental experiments

  • Detailed instruction manual

  • Easy alignment and setup


The Holography and Interferometer Kit is developed for general physics education at universities and colleges. It provides a complete set of optical and mechanical components as well as light sources. The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and required parts with photos. Using this kit, students can have a better understanding of the fundamentals and applications of holography and interferometry.


Using this experiment kit, the following 5 experimental examples can be conducted:


1. Recording and reconstructing holograms

2. Making holographic gratings

3. Constructing a Michelson interferometer and measuring the refractive index of air

4. Constructing a Sagnac interferometer

5. Constructing a Mach-Zehnder interferometer

Part List 

He-Ne LaserLLL-2 (>2.5 mW@632.8 nm)1
Aperture Adjustable Bar ClampSZ-191
Lens HolderSZ-082
Two-Axis Mirror HolderSZ-073
Plate HolderSZ-121
Magnetic Base with Post HolderSZ-045
Beam Splitter50/50, 50/50, 30/701 each
Flat MirrorΦ 36 mm3
Lensf ' = 6.2, 15, 225 mm1 each
Sample StageSZ-201
White ScreenSZ-131
Optical Rail1 m; aluminum1
X-Translation Carrier
X-Z-Translation Carrier
Holographic Plate12 pc silver salt plates (9x24 cm of each plate)1 box
Air Chamber with Pump & Gauge
Manual Counter4 digits, counts 0 ~ 99991

Note: a stainless steel optical table or breadboard (1200 mm x 600 mm) with optimal damping is needed for use with this kit.

LEOK-2 Holography & Interferometry-1.png

Measuring refractive index of air

LEOK-2 Holography & Interferometry-2.png

Recording & reconstructing holograms

LEOK-2 Holography & Interferometry-3.png

Recording holographic grating

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