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LEOI-31 Single-Wire/Single-Slit Diffraction

LEOI-31 Single-Wire/Single-Slit Diffraction


  • Observe single-wire/single-slit diffraction

  • Measure intensity distribution of diffraction

  • Confirm relationship between intensity and wavelength

  • Obtain relationship between intensity and slit width

  • Verify Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Babinet's principle


LEOI-31 employs a movable digital photoreceiver to measure the intensity distribution of optical diffraction. With a focus adjustable semiconductor laser, this system can be used to


1. observe single-wire/single-slit diffraction

2. measure intensity distribution of optical diffraction

3. confirm the relationship between intensity and wavelength

4. obtain the relationship between intensity and slit width

5. verify Heisenberg uncertainty and Babinet's principles

The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Semiconductor Laser5 mW @ 650 nm
Diffractive ElementWire, and Single Slit (adjustable width)

Part List

Semiconductor Laser (LLL-1)1
Optical Rail1
White Screen (SZ-13)1

Single-Slit with Adjustable Width (SZ-40)


Two-Axis Adjustable Laser Holder (SZ-19)

Photoreceiver with Amplifier1 each
Transverse Measurement Holder1

LEOI-31 Single-Wire-1.jpg

Fraunhofer diffraction of single slit

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