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LEEI-62 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Advanced Model

LEEI-62 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Advanced Model


Microwave and lightwave are both electromagnetic waves. They share common phenomena of all waves, such as reflection, refraction, polarization, interference, and diffraction. However, as the wavelength of a microwave is about 4 orders of magnitude larger than that of a visible lightwave, the experimental phenomena and apparatus of microwave are different.


This LEEI-62 experimental system of microwave interference, diffraction and polarization consists of a microwave transmitter with a variable attenuator, a microwave detector and meter display, a transmitting horn and a receiving horn, as well as other accessories such as single slit, double slits, beam splitter, crystal model, etc. It can provide quantitative measurements of a series of experiments such as:


1. Verify reflection law of electromagnetic wave

2. Measure intensity distribution of single-slit diffraction

3. Measure intensity distribution of double-slit interference

4. Measure microwave wavelength through interference of Michelson interferometer

5. Study polarization and verify Malus' law

6. Verify Bragg diffraction of crystal model


FrequencyRange: 8.6~9.6 GHz; draft: ± 5×10-4/15-min; display error: ±40 MHz
Output power>20 mW
Working voltageDC 12 V
Wave formEqual amplitude
Internal modulationSquare-wave at 1 kHz
Output waveguide dimensionsInner: 22.86 mm × 10.16 mm
Standing-wave coefficient≤ 1.2 (synthesis voltage)
Output microwave wavelengthλ =32.02 mm (factory preset)
Horn antennaGain ~ 20 dB; lobe width H 200 & E 160

Part List

3-cm solid state microwave signal source1
Fixed arm1
Horn antenna2
Variable attenuator1
Crystal detector1
Indicator meter1
Video cable1
Reflection plate (aluminum)1
Single-slit plate (slit width adjustable)1
Double-slit plate (slit width adjustable; barrier=50 mm)1
Partial transparent plate (glass)1
Simulated crystal with support1
Translation stage1
Support base1
Support post4
Module piece1
Screws and nuts1 set
Instruction manual1

LEEI-62 Interference-1.jpg

Diffraction distribution of single slit

LEEI-62 Interference-2.jpg

Interference of double slits

LEEI-62 Interference-3.jpg

Bragg diffraction

LEEI-62 Interference-4.jpg

Malus' law

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