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LEEI-62 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Advanced Model

LEEI-62 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Advanced Model


Microwave and lightwave are both electromagnetic waves. They share common phenomena of all waves, such as reflection, refraction, polarization, interference, and diffraction. However, as the wavelength of a microwave is about 4 orders of magnitude larger than that of a visible lightwave, the experimental phenomena and apparatus of microwave are different.


This LEEI-62 experimental system of microwave interference, diffraction and polarization consists of a microwave transmitter with a variable attenuator, a microwave detector and meter display, a transmitting horn and a receiving horn, as well as other accessories such as single slit, double slits, beam splitter, crystal model, etc. It can provide quantitative measurements of a series of experiments such as:


1. Verify reflection law of electromagnetic wave

2. Measure intensity distribution of single-slit diffraction

3. Measure intensity distribution of double-slit interference

4. Measure microwave wavelength through interference of Michelson interferometer

5. Study polarization and verify Malus' law

6. Verify Bragg diffraction of crystal model

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Contents and Results to find more information about this apparatus.


FrequencyRange: 8.6~9.6 GHz; draft: ± 5×10-4/15-min; display error: ±40 MHz
Output power>20 mW
Working voltageDC 12 V
Wave formEqual amplitude
Internal modulationSquare-wave at 1 kHz
Output waveguide dimensionsInner: 22.86 mm × 10.16 mm
Standing-wave coefficient≤ 1.2 (synthesis voltage)
Output microwave wavelengthλ =32.02 mm (factory preset)
Horn antennaGain ~ 20 dB; lobe width H 200 & E 160

Part List

3-cm solid state microwave signal source1
Fixed arm1
Horn antenna2
Variable attenuator1
Crystal detector1
Indicator meter1
Video cable1
Reflection plate (aluminum)1
Single-slit plate (slit width adjustable)1
Double-slit plate (slit width adjustable; barrier=50 mm)1
Partial transparent plate (glass)1
Simulated crystal with support1
Translation stage1
Support base1
Support post4
Module piece1
Screws and nuts1 set
Instruction manual1

LEEI-62 Interference-1.jpg

Diffraction distribution of single slit

LEEI-62 Interference-2.jpg

Interference of double slits

LEEI-62 Interference-3.jpg

Bragg diffraction

LEEI-62 Interference-4.jpg

Malus' law

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