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LEEI-52 Measurement of V-I Characteristics of Nonlinear Components

LEEI-52 Measurement of V-I Characteristics of Nonlinear Components


The measurement of electrical properties of linear or nonlinear components by V-I method is an important lab topic in college physics training. This experimental apparatus can help students to understand the principles of current-limiting or voltage-dividing of resistances in serial or parallel connections, and understand the electrical characteristics of different components, while master the method for measuring V-I characteristics of regular diode, Zener diode, light-emitting diode and ordinary tungsten bulb.

LEEI-52 apparatus consists of a 5 VDC regulated power supply, a digital voltage meter, a digital current meter, variable resistors, a regular diode, a Zener diode, a light-emitting diode, a tungsten bulb and so on. The following objectives can be achieved:

1. Master the method and the basic circuit of measuring V-I characteristics of nonlinear components. 

2. Master the basic characteristics of diodes, Zener diodes and light-emitting diodes. Accurately measure their forward threshold voltages.

3. Plot the graphs of V-I characteristic curves of the above three nonlinear components.

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Voltage source+5 VDC, 0.5 A
Digital voltmeter0 ~ 1.999 V, resolution, 0.001V; 0 ~ 19.99 V, resolution 0.01 V
Digital ammeter0 ~ 200 mA, resolution 0.01 mA
Power consumption< 10 W

Part List

Main electric suitcase unit1
Connection wire10
Power cord1
Experimental instruction manual1


V-I characteristics of diode and Zener diode      LEEI-52-6.jpg

Measurement of  forward & reverse characteristics of a Zener diode


Wiring of measuring a Tungsten bulb

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