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LEEI-61 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Basic Model

LEEI-61 Interference, Diffraction & Polarization of Microwave- Basic Model


Microwave and light wave are both electromagnetic waves. They share common phenomena of all waves, such as reflection, refraction, polarization, interference, and diffraction. However, as the wavelength of a microwave is about 4 orders of magnitude larger than that of a visible light wave, their experimental phenomena and apparatus are different.


This LEEI-61 microwave demonstrator consists of a microwave transmitter, a microwave receiver with amplifier, a receiving dipole, and other accessories. It can be used to demonstrate many interesting microwave experiments. By using a protractor/ruler and a multimeter or an oscilloscope, the following demonstrations and measurements can be performed.  


1. Relay of microwave

2. Transmission and absorption of microwave

3. Microwave as polarized wave

4. Reflection of microwave on a metal plate

5. Refraction of microwave

6. Interference of microwave

7. Formation of standing electromagnetic wave

8. Diffraction of microwave

9. Directional transmission of microwave

10. Doppler effect

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Microwave transmitterOperating frequency: 11 ± 1.1 GHz
Output power: ≥10 mW
Internal modulating signal: monotone, diphone, music
External modulating signal: ≥1 VPP
Microwave receiver with amplifierGain of amplifier: ≥60 dB
Receiving distance: ≥1 m (indicator); ≥3 m (speaker)

Part List 

Microwave transmitter1
Microwave receiver with amplifier1
Receiving dipole1
Cable, L=1.5 m1
Cable, L=1.2 m1
Large metal plates, 170 mm × 150 mm2
Small metal plate, 170 mm × 50 mm1
Paraffin prism1
Board for refraction 150 mm × 80 mm × 40 mm1
Board for absorption 150 mm × 80 mm × 20 mm1
Stainless protractor/ruler (0~180°/0~250 mm)1

 LEEI-61 Reflection.jpg

Setup for studying reflection

LEEI-61 Refraction.jpg

Setup for studying refraction

  LEEI-61 Double slits.jpg

Setup for microwave interference of double slits LEEI-61 Double Slit Pattern.jpg

Intensity distribution of microwave interference of double slits

LEEI-61 Standing wave.jpg

Setup for studying standingwave

LEEI-61 Doppler.jpg

Setup for demonstrating Doppler effect

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