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LEEI-60 Transmission & Reception of Electromagnetic Waves

LEEI-60 Transmission & Reception of Electromagnetic Waves


This LEEI-60 experimental apparatus of transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves is designed for teaching electromagnetic oscillation and wave in general physics. It is useful for demonstrating the transmission, reception, modulation, electric resonance, tuning as well as the characteristics of electromagnetic waves. It is an affordable teaching apparatus for physics laboratories at colleges and universities.


Using this apparatus, the following phenonmena can be demonstrated:


1. Transmission of electromagnetic waves

2. Reception of electromagnetic waves

3. Transmitting efficiency of transmitting antenna

4. Resonance and tuning

5. Amplitude modulation, demodulation, and detection

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High frequency generatorOperating frequency: approximately 230 MHz 
Output power: approximately 2 W
Signal of internal modulation: 1 kHz, off-on, music
Signal of external modulation: ≥1 Vpp, input resistance 1 kΩ
Receiver Ⅰ

Indicating lamp: 1.5 V, 100 mA

Receiving distance: ≥0.5 m
Receiver Ⅱ

Sensitivity of meter: 100 µA

Receiving distance: ≥3 m
Receiver ⅢSpeaker: 8 Ω, 0.1 W
Indicator: five
Receiving distance: ≥8 m
Power supply: DC 6 V

Part List 

High frequency generator1 set
Receiver Ⅰ (tuned receiver)1 set
Receiver Ⅱ (receiver of the meter display)1 set
Receiver Ⅲ (amplifying receiver)1 set
Instruction manual1

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