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LEEI-14 Van De Graaff Generator

LEEI-14 Van De Graaff Generator


  • Ideal apparatus for demo

  • Low price

  • Accessories included


A Van De Graaff generator is an electrostatic high-voltage generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate high amounts of electric potential on a hollow metal globe. It provides a high-voltage electrostatic source for the demonstration of charge nature, lines of electric force, spark discharge, parallel plate capacity, and electrostatic precipitation. 


Diameter of electrode ball250 mm
Diameter of discharge ball60 mm
Power consumptionapproximately 40 W
Distance of spark discharge≥ 60 mm

Parts List

Main Unit1
Discharge Wand1
Faraday's Pail1
Perspex Cylinder with Conductive Spheres1
Flying Ball Hung from Plastic Rod1
Bundle of Artificial Hair1
Replacement Belt1
Grounding Cable1
Instructional Manual1

Safety Warning

People with pacemakers or heart conditions should not approach to this apparatus within 15 feet when the apparatus is running. As otherwise, the apparatus could disrupt the proper operation of pacemakers causing serious injury or death to those with heart conditions.

Van De Graaff Generator.png

Van De Graaff Generator

1.Belt tension adjusting screw 

2.Collecting comb 


4.Rubber belt

5.Plastic support tube

6.Bottom bracing 

7.Light bulb 

8.Electric motor

9.Electrode ball

10.Discharge wand

11.Grounding socket 

12.Power switch

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