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LEOI-33 Experimental System for Acousto-Optic Effect

LEOI-33 Experimental System for Acousto-Optic Effect

Note: oscilloscope not included 


  • Easy operation

  • Precise measurement

  • Stable base

  • Acousto-optic modulation technique demo


Acousto-optic effect is based on the change in the refractive index of a medium due to the presence of sound waves in the medium. This creates a refractive index grating in the material that can be used to diffract light. It provides a powerful means to the control of the frequency, direction, and intensity of a laser beam. Employing acousto-optic effect, acousto-optic devices such as acousto-optic modulator, acousto-optic deflector, and tunable acousto-optic filter have been applied significantly to areas such as laser technology, optical signal processing, and integrated optical communication.


This experimental system can be used to conduct the following experiments:

1. Observe Bragg diffraction and measure Bragg diffraction angle

2. Display acousto-optic modulation waveform
3. Observe acousto-optic deflection phenomenon
4. Measure acousto-optic modulation amplitude
5. Measure parameters such as acousto-optic diffraction efficiency and bandwidth
6. Measure the traveling velocity of ultrasound waves in a medium
7. Simulate optical communication using acousto-optic modulation technique

The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.


Ultrasound Signal Frequency100 MHz
He-Ne Laser Output>2.0 mW @632.8 nm

Acousto-Optic Crystal

Working Wavelength: 633 nm
Center Frequency: 100 MHz
Effective Aperture: 1 mm
Transmissivity: >96%
Bragg Angle: 17.4 mrad
Polarization of Input Light: Any
Internal Modulation Signal1 kHz

Part List

Main control unit1
He-Ne laser with power supply1 set
Laser tube holder1
Acousto-optic modulator1
Acousto-optic modulator holder1
Optical rail1
General carrier1
X-translation carrier1
Transverse measurement holder1
Speaker with AC adaptor1 set

LEOI-33 Experimental System-1.jpgLEOI-33 Experimental System-2.jpg

Schematic of Bragg diffraction

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