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LEOI-58 Serial Experiments on Semiconductor Laser

LEOI-58 Serial Experiments on Semiconductor Laser

Note: computer not included


  • Observe spectral curve of semiconductor laser with CCD array spectrometer

  • Understand optical characteristics of semiconductor laser

  • Measure basic parameters of semiconductor laser such as divergence angle and degree of polarization

  • Complete system


LEOI-58 is designed to measure the output power of a semiconductor laser as well as the driving voltage and current of the laser, so that students can understand the working characteristics of a semiconductor laser under CW output mode. A CCD array spectrometer (optical multi-channel analyzer) is used to monitor the fluorescence spectrum of the semiconductor laser when the laser injection current is lower than the threshold current, and the subsequent spectral variation of the laser under laser oscillation condition when the injection current is greater than the threshold current.


Using this system, the following measurements can be conducted with semiconductor lasers:


1. Output power characterization of semiconductor laser

2. Divergent angle measurement of semiconductor laser

3. Degree of polarization measurement of semiconductor laser

4. Spectral characterization of semiconductor laser

The instruction manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental configurations, principles and step-by-step instructions. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.



Semiconductor Laser 

Output Power< 5 mW
Center Wavelength: 650 nm

Semiconductor Laser Driver

0 ~ 40 mA (continuously adjustable)

CCD Array Spectrometer

Wavelength Range: 300 ~ 900 nm
Grating: 600 L/mm
Focal Length: 302.5 mm
Rotary Polarizer Holder Minimum Scale: 1°

Rotary Stage

0 ~ 360°, Minimum Scale: 1°
Multi-Function Optical Elevating TableElevating Range>40 mm

Optical Power Meter 

2 µW ~ 200 mW, 6 scales

Part List

CCD Array Spectrometer (LEOI-100)1
650-nm Semiconductor Laser (LLL-1)2
Semiconductor Laser Driver1
Focusing Lens with Holder1 each
Four-Axis Adjustable Holder (SZ-24)1
Two-Axis Adjustable Holder (SZ-06)1
Multi-Function Optical Elevating Platform1
Optical Goniometer (SZ-47)1
Rotary Polarizer Holder (SZ-51)1
White Screen (SZ-13)1
Optical Power Meter with Detector Head1 set
Software CD (Windows 7, 32/64-Bit PCs)1

LEOI-58 Serial Experiments-1.jpg

Setup for P-I curve measurement

LEOI-58 Serial Experiments-2.jpg

Setup for beam divergence measurement

LEOI-58 Serial Experiments-3.jpg

Setup for polarization measurement

LEOI-58 Serial Experiments-4.jpg

Setup for spectral characterization

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