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LLL-2 He Ne Laser

LLL-2 He Ne Laser


  • Complete set including power supply and tube

  • 500:1 linearly polarized output

  • With open/close shutter

  • Stable power output  


A Helium-Neon laser tube is a low-pressure gas filled glass cylinder with a pair of mirrors attached at the ends. It is a general laser device used in a variety of applications and it is also the most practical choice of economical gas lasers for beginners. A He-Ne laser is an ideal tool for alignment and education applications. It can be used in geometric optics, interference, diffraction and polarization experiments.


Wavelength632.8 nm
Output Power> 2.5 mW
PolarizationLinear 500:1
Tube DimensionsLength 270 mm, diameter 42 mm
Full Angle of Divergence< 1.3 mrad

Part List

He-Ne laser tube1
Power supply1

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