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LLC-3 Brightness Adjustable White Light Source

LLC-3 Brightness Adjustable White Light Source

Note: post holder and magnetic base not included


  • Adjustable brightness

  • Housing and power supply provided

  • Compact structure


This brightness adjustable lamp is designed for use in physics labs at universities and colleges. A high brightness Bromine-Tungsten light bulb provides incoherent white light with a wide wavelength range. The brightness of this lamp can be controlled with a knob on the power supply. There is a piece of ground glass on the inside of the window, which can be slid into the light path through the handle below to form an area light source when needed. Furthermore, a piece of optical filter or iris diaphragm can be placed in front of the output window using the attached spring clip to modify the optical spectrum or the aperture of the light source.


Working Voltage12 V
Maximum Power30 W

Part List

Housing with post (12.7 mm dia)1
Power supply1
Power cord1
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