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LLE-4 Pencil Style Mercury Lamp

LLE-4 Pencil Style Mercury Lamp


  • Strong and narrow spectral lines in UV and visible

  • Compact, stable, long life and affordable

  • Complete set of power supply and lamp


This pencil style mercury lamp is an ideal light source for calibration of spectroscopic instruments. Its UV spectral components can be applied to instruments of biochemical measurement and environmental protection. It is also a source for study of Zeeman effect. 

LLE-4 Pencil Style Hg spectrum.jpg

Spectrum of pencil style Mercury lamp


Wavelengths in UV & Visible Range253 nm, 296 nm, 312 nm, 365 nm, 404 nm, 436 nm, 546 nm, 577 nm, 579 nm
Power3 W
Operating Voltage600 V
Operating Current5 mA
Dimensions of Emitting AreaLength: ~ 40 mm, diameter: 5 ~ 6 mm
Overall Lamp Lengthabout 150 mm
Lead Length~ 1 m

Pencil Style Mercury Lamp.jpg

Lamp dimensions

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