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LLE-8 Hydrogen-Deuterium Lamp

LLE-8 Hydrogen-Deuterium Lamp


  • Hydrogen-Deuterium spectrum (roughly 2:1 spectral peak ratio)

  • Ideal lamp for Balmer series experiment

  • Housing & power supply included

  • Height of lamp adjustable with post/post holder


The Hydrogen-Deuterium lamp is a gas discharged light source. It can be used for the wavelength calibration of spectrometers and the Balmer series experiments at universities, colleges or research laboratories. The stability and intensity of a Hydrogen-Deuterium lamp exceed those of a Hydrogen arc lamp.


Hydrogen Spectrum (nm)410.18, 434.05, 486.13, 656.28
Deuterium Spectrum (nm)410.07, 433.93, 486.01, 656.11
Spectral Peak Ratio (Hydrogen/Deuterium)~ 2:1
Housing Dimensionslength 220 mm, diameter 50 mm
Windows (two opposite windows)18 mm x 40 mm, centred at half height of the housing
Housing Support range of height adjustment 100 mm, base thickness 15 mm

Part List

Power Supply1

H-D spectrum-656 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 656 nm

H-D spectrum-486 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 486 nm

H-D spectrum-434 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 434 nm

H-D spectrum-410 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 410 nm

H-D lamp spectrum.jpg

Measured HD spectrum (400~660 nm) 

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