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LLE-8 Hydrogen-Deuterium Lamp

LLE-8 Hydrogen-Deuterium Lamp


  • Hydrogen-Deuterium spectrum (roughly 2:1 spectral peak ratio)

  • Ideal lamp for Balmer series experiment

  • Designed for continuous operation 

  • Height of lamp adjustable with post/post holder


The Hydrogen-Deuterium lamp is a gas discharged light source. It can be used for the wavelength calibration of spectrometers and the Balmer series experiments at universities, colleges or research laboratories. The stability and intensity of a Hydrogen-Deuterium lamp exceed those of a Hydrogen arc lamp. Unlike other discharge arc tubes that must be powered off every minute or so, our Hydrogen-Deuterium lamp is designed for continuous operation making it an ideal arc lamp for various experiments or spectrometer calibrations. 


Hydrogen Spectrum (nm)410.18, 434.05, 486.13, 656.28
Deuterium Spectrum (nm)410.07, 433.93, 486.01, 656.11
Spectral Peak Ratio (Hydrogen/Deuterium)~ 2:1
Housing Dimensionslength 220 mm, diameter 50 mm
Windows (two opposite windows)18 mm x 40 mm, centred at half height of the housing
Housing Support range of height adjustment 100 mm, base thickness 15 mm

Part List

Power Supply1

H-D spectrum-656 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 656 nm

H-D spectrum-486 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 486 nm

H-D spectrum-434 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 434 nm

H-D spectrum-410 nm.jpg

Measured HD spectrum around 410 nm

H-D lamp spectrum.jpg

Measured HD spectrum (400~660 nm) 

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