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LLE-9 High Pressure Mercury Lamp

LLE-9 High Pressure Mercury Lamp


  • High lumens

  • Long lifetime

  • Housing and power supply included

  • Height of lamp adjustable with post/post holder


High-pressure Mercury lamp is a vapor or gaseous discharge lamp that uses Mercury in an excited state to produce light. Arc discharge takes place in a transparent tube inside a larger bulb of glass. The outer bulb reduces the ultraviolet radiation of the inner arc tube. Radiation from the Mercury arc is confined to four specific wavelengths in the visible range and several strong lines in the ultraviolet. This lamp is an ideal source for the photoelectric effect experiment, as well as many industrial and research applications that require ultraviolet radiation. LLE-9 is specially designed as a lab instrument.

LLE-9 High Pressure Mercury Lamp-1.jpg

Spectrum of high-pressure Mercury lamp


Dimensions of Bulb28 mm in OD, 155 mm in length
Dimensions of HousingHeight 210 mm × Width 90 mm × Depth 70 mm
Base TypeE27
Dimensions of Windows2 opposite windows: 36 mm (height) x 18 mm (width)
Range of Height Adjustment200 mm ~ 260 mm (determined by post length)
Luminous Flux1500 LM
Power50 W
Average Lifetime>1000 h

Part List

Power supply1
Power cord1
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