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LEMI-13 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Resonance Method

LEMI-13 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Resonance Method

Note: oscilloscope not included


  • Acquire resonant signal on oscilloscope

  • Supporting and suspending methods

  • High sensitivity and accuracy

  • Affordable


When rigid materials are subject to particular stress or forces, deformation (compressed, twisted, stretched, etc) may occur. For many materials, when suffered from force or stress, the resisting or restoring force that tends to return the material to its original shape is proportional to the deformation. Young's Modulus, E, is a constant that describes the material's mechanical property of stiffness and is expressed as the ratio of stress to strain for a material experiencing tensile or compressive stress. This apparatus is designed to study the deformation characteristics of a metal round bar specimen by using the dynamic vibrational resonance method.


The dynamic resonance method is to study the vibrational law of a specimen. Mathematically, the vibrational law can be described by a four-order partial differential equation, which shows the relationship between the Young's modulus and vibration frequency of a specimen and can be related to three parameters of the specimen, i.e. the diameter, length, and mass of the sspecimen. While the three parameters are acquired, the Young's modulus can be determined by measuring the vibration resonant frequency of the specimen. Two methods, i.e. supporting method and suspending method, are used to determine the resonant frequencies of three specimens.

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.

Main Specifications

Vibration excitation voltageRange: 0 ~ 5 V
Receiving transducer voltageRange: 0 ~ 2 V
Signal source output power600 mW
FrequencyRange: 200 ~ 800 Hz; accuracy: 0.1 Hz
SpecimensCopper, steel and aluminum bars

Parts List  

Test platform unit1
Electric control unit1
Aluminum, steel and copper bars1 each
Wire and cable4


Schematic of suspension method

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Schematic of vibration measurement 

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Curve of resonant frequency

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