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LEMI-30 Apparatus of Measuring Liquid Surface Tension Coefficient

LEMI-30 Apparatus of Measuring Liquid Surface Tension Coefficient


  • Direct digital reading

  • High sensitivity and repeatability

  • Ideal for fluid mechanics teaching


Liquid surface tension coefficient is an important parameter for the characterization of liquid property, which has important applications in industrial, medical and scientific research. Traditional measurement methods using Jolly scale or torsion balance are less precise, instable, and without direct digital output.


This apparatus is designed for measuring liquid surface tension coefficient based on a pulling and breakaway method using a silicon crystal resistance strain sensor. It has the following three advantages:


1. Silicon crystal strain sensor has high sensitivity, linearity and stability, with a digital output voltage display

2. A thin metal ring or slice rather than metal wire or blade, is more rigid (less deformation) and durable

3. Dimensions of the metal ring are specially designed and tested to achieve accurate and reliable results


1. Calibrate a silicon resistance strain sensor, calculate its sensitivity, and learn how to calibrate a force sensor. 
2. Observe the phenomena of liquid surface tension. 
3. Measure surface tension coefficients of water and other liquids.
4. Measure the relationship between liquid concentration and surface tension coefficient.

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.

Parts and Specifications

Silicon resistor strain sensorRange: 0 ~ 10 g; sensitivity: ~ 30 mV/g
Reading display200 mV, 3-1/2 digital
Hanging ringAluminum alloy
Glass plateDiameter: 120 mm
Weight7 pcs, 0.5 g/pc

 LEMI-30 Apparatus of Measuring Liquid Surface Tension Coefficient.png

1. Levelling screw

2. Lifting screw

3. Glass container

4. Hanging ring

5. Force sensor

6. Post

7. Fixing screw

8. Base

9. Connector

10. Digital voltmeter

11. Zeroing knob

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