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LEMI-12 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Hall Sensor Method

LEMI-12 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Hall Sensor Method


  • Hall micro-displacement sensing

  • Hall element

  • Simple structure and stable performance

  • High accuracy (error<3%)

  • Ideal demonstration system


When rigid materials are subject to particular stress or forces, deformation (compressed, twisted, stretched, etc) may occur. For many materials, when suffered from force or stress, the resisting or restoring force that tends to return the material to its original shape is proportional to the deformation. Young's Modulus, E, is a constant that describes the material's mechanical property of stiffness and is expressed as the ratio of stress to strain for a material experiencing tensile or compressive stress.


This apparatus is designed to study the deformation characteristics of thin metal sheet specimens under load. Deformation is created by applying a small force F on the sheet. A micro-displacement sensor based on Hall effect is used to measure the deformation, where the output voltage is proportional to the amount of displacement.


Using this apparatus, the following experiments can be conducted:


1. Understand the principle, structure, properties and applications of a Hall displacement sensor

2. Measure the Young's modulus of a copper specimen

3. Calibrate a Hall displacement sensor

4. Measure the Young's modulus of a malleable iron specimen

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experimental Contents to find more information about this apparatus.

Main Specifications

Reading MicroscopeRange: 8 mm; resolution: 0.01 mm; magnification: 20X
Weights10.0 g and 20.0 g
Digital Multimeter3-1/2 digit; range: 0 ~ 2000 mV
SpecimensCopper and malleable cast-iron sheets
Relative Uncertainty of Measurement< 3%

Part List

Main Unit1
Stand Rack1
Reading Microscope1
Hall Sensor1
Weights8 pcs (10 g), 2 pcs (20 g)

 LEMI-12 Young's Modulus Apparatus - Hall Sensor Method.png

Schematic of system

  1. 1. Base line

  2. 2. Reading microscope

  3. 3. Support

  4. 4. Specimen

  5. 5. Lever

  6. 6. Magnet mount

  7. 7. Magnets

  8. 8. Adjustable holder

  9. 9. Weights

LEMI-12 Measurement of Young's Modulus-Hall Sensor Method-2.jpg


Hall sensor and magnets

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