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LEMI-46 Complete Free Falling Body Apparatus

LEMI-46 Complete Free Falling Body Apparatus


  • Digital timer and counter with photogates

  • Reliable structure and stable performance

  • High accuracy (error<2%)


Free Fall Body Apparatus is an essential tool for teaching mechanics. The regular motion of a free fall body can be observed qualitatively and measured quantitatively using this instrument.


Height1.2 m
Electromagnet powerDC 6 V
Digital timer & counter4 digits, timing range: 0 ~ 999.9 s, counting range: 0 ~ 9999
Steel ballDiameter: 18 mm
Relative experimental error≤ 2%

Part List

Main unitincl 3 vertical adjusting bolts, 8 sets of fixing screws and nuts
Steel bal2
Rack for getting the ball1
Wire and plug1
Plumb line weight1
Digital timer1

LEMI-46 Complete Free Falling Body Apparatus.png

Schematic of system

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