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LEMI-45 Complete Air Track Apparatus

LEMI-45 Complete Air Track Apparatus


  • High performance track and accessories, reliable and durable

  • Include air track & accessories, timer, and air supply

  • Easy to use and clean

  • Affordable


This air track experiment apparatus is designed based on the Air Cushion principles. When an air track is connected with an air blower, compressed air is sprayed from the holes on the surface and form a thin air layer. This air layer will fill the space between the air track and the inner surface of a glider. As a result, the movement of the glider can be regarded as friction-free movement. With the help of an air blower and a digital timer, the air track can be used to experimentally study important physics concepts such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, collision, and kinetic. It is an ideal experiment instrument for physics teaching.


Using this apparatus, the following experiments can be conducted:


1. Determine the velocity of an object in uniform rectilinear motion, and verify Newton’s First Law

2. Determine the average velocity and instantaneous velocity of an object in variable rectilinear motion

3. Determine the acceleration of an object in uniform acceleration rectilinear motion

4. Study the relationship between distance and time of an object in uniform acceleration rectilinear motion

5. Determine the gravitational acceleration

6. Verify Newton’s Second Law

7. Verify Newton’s Third Law

8. Verify kinetic energy theorem

9. Verify momentum theorem

10. Verify momentum conservation law

11. Verify mechanical energy conservation law

12. Study simple harmonic vibration

13. Measure the stiffness coefficient of a spring

14. Measure the period of simple harmonic vibration

15. Verify the amplitude of an object in simple harmonic vibration is irrelevant with the period

16. Demonstrate elastic collisions of objects on air track


Surface length1.2 m
Straightness of track<0.10 mm (overall); <± 0.05 mm (for 400 mm length)
Angle of working planes90° ± 0.1°
Surface roughness of working planesRa 3.2
Distance between supporting feet600 mm
Diameter of air spray out holes0.8 mm
Outer diameter of air entering holes30 mm
Length/mass of glider (mm/g)121/155
Floating height of glider> 0.10 mm
Digital timer & counter4 digits, timer range: 0~999.9 s, counting range: 0~9999

Air blower

Power (W)        200

Pressure (kPa)    > 4.5

Max duration (min)  120

Noise (dB)       < 60    

Dimensions (mm)   Φ150 × H270

Outlet          1

List of accessories:

1Accessories kitincluding following items:1
2Weights bucket5g1
3Spring bumperφ40 mm6
4Velcro joiner
1 pair
5Glider hook
6Photogate support
7Adjustable starting positioner
9Glider mass50 g12
10Harmonic springφ0.5 mm, n=195 loops2
11Glider flag U-shape10 mm2
12Glider flag U-shape30 mm2
13Glider flag U-shape50 mm2
14Glider flag U-shape100 mm2
16Rise-blockheight=5 mm1
17Rise-blockheight=10 mm2
18Glider flag strip5 mm2
19Hexagon head screwM4 x 20/M4 x 1014
20String with hook

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Schematic of system

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 LEMI-45 Complete Air Track Apparatus.png

Accessories in composition

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 LEMI-45 Complete Air Track Apparatus.png

Examples of setup

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