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LEOI-36 Experimental System for Photocell Characterization

LEOI-36 Experimental System for Photocell Characterization


  • Compact and vertical structure with low stray light impact

  • 4 photocells (monosilicon and polysilicon)

  • Pitch angle adjustable for different illumination angle of light


This experimental system is designed to help understand the fundamental characteristics and primary parameters of a Silicon photocell. Students are required to design and build optical and electrical configurations to conduct various experiments so that their hands-on skills can be enhanced. This system can be used to conduct the following experiments with Silicon photocells:


1. Short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, max output power, optimal load and fill factor under light illumination.

2. V-I characterization of photocells in the absence of light illumination with bias voltage applied.

3. Short-circuit current versus open-circuit voltage of photocells under different light intensities.

4. Open-circuit voltage versus short-circuit current of photocells under different illumination angles.

5. Serial and parallel characteristics of photocells.

The instruction manual contains experimental configurations, principles, step-by-step instructions, and examples of experiment results. Please click Experiment Theory and Contents to find more information about this apparatus.

Part List

Photocell platform1
60 cm wire2
30 cm wire2
60 W bulb2
Electric controller1
Light shield plate1
Instructional manual1

     LEOI-36 Experimental System-1.jpg

Curve of optimal power output

     LEOI-36 Experimental System-1.jpg

Curve of open circuit voltage

     LEOI-36 Experimental System-1.jpg

Curve of short circuit current

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