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LEOK-21 Fiber Communication Experiment Kit - Complete Model

LEOK-21 Fiber Communication Experiment Kit - Complete Model


  • Covering 10 experiments in fiber optics

  • Flexible solution for different level of students

  • Detailed instruction manual


Optical fiber has increased signal transmission bandwidth over longer distance. As the importance of fiber rises, numerous colleges and universities worldwide introduce more courses in optoelectronics and optical communications. This kit is designed to meet the increasing demand for learning fiber optic fundamentals and enhancing related practical skills. This Fiber Optic Experimental kit is a sister kit to LEOK-20, and is revised and rewritten to include new experiments such as to measure the parameters of optical fiber beam splitter, attenuator and isolator.


Using this kit, the following experiments can be conducted:

1) Fundamental knowledge of optical fiber optics
2) Coupling method between optical fiber and light source
3) Multimode fiber numerical aperture (NA) measurement
4) Optical fiber transmission loss property and measurement
5) M-Z optical fiber interference
6) Optical fiber thermal-sensing principle
7) Optical fiber pressure-sensing principle
8) Optical fiber beam splitter parameter measurement
9) Variable optical attenuator and parameter measurement
10) Fiber optic isolator and parameter measurement

The instructional manual contains comprehensive materials including experimental setups, principles, procedures and required parts with photos.  Please click to view some sample pages of the instruction manual.

Part List

DescriptionPart No./SpecsQty
He-Ne laserLLL-2 (2.5 mW@632.8 nm)1
Handheld light source1310/1550 nm1
Light power meterLLM-21
Handheld light power meter1310/1550 nm1
Fiber interference demonstrator
Fiber splitter633 nm1
Temperature controller
Stress controller
5-axis adjustable stage
Beam expanderf = 4.5 mm1
Fiber clip
Fiber support
White screenWith crosshairs1
Laser holderSZ-421
Alignment aperture
Power cord
Single-mode beam splitter1310 nm or 1550 nm1
Optical isolator1310 nm or 1550 nm1
Variable optical attenuator
Single-mode fiber633 nm2 m
Single-mode fiber633 nm (FC/PC connector on one end)1 m
Multi-mode fiber633 nm2 m
Fiber spool1 km (9/125 μm bare fiber)1
Fiber patch cord1 m/3m4/1
Fiber stripper
Fiber scribe
Mating sleeve

   LEOK-21 Fiber Communication-1.png

Setup of fiber

M-Z interferometer

  LEOK-21 Fiber Communication-2.png

Setup of observing the mode field distribution of a single-mode fiber

   LEOK-21 Fiber Communication-3.png

Setup for fiber coupling through a focusing lens

  LEOK-21 Fiber Communication-4.png

Setup for isolator characterization

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