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LEAI-48 Lorentz Force Demonstrator

LEAI-48 Lorentz Force Demonstrator


  • Complete apparatus

  • Compact and stable

  • Affordable


This LEAI-48 Lorentz force demonstrator is useful for testing the charge/mass ratio (e/m) of an electron, and demonstrating the Lorenz force exerted by a magnetic field on moving electrons and the deflection of moving electrons within an electric field. It is an affordable teaching apparatus for physics laboratories at colleges and universities.


Number of turns per coil140
Diameter of Helmholtz coils28 cm
Accelerating voltage0 ~ 250 V continuously adjustable
Magnetizing current0 ~ 2.5 A continuously adjustable
Current flow directionClockwise, Off, Counterclockwise
Deflecting voltage50 V ~ 250 V continuously adjustable
Voltage polarityPositive at upper-plate, Off, Positive at lower-plate

Parts List

Main unit1
Power cord1
Instruction manual1

Lorentz Force Demonstrator.png

Orbit of moving electrons in magnetic field

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