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LEOI-112 Abbe Refractometer

LEOI-112 Abbe Refractometer


  • Measurement of refractive index nD, average dispersion nF-nC of transparent or translucent liquid & solid

  • Widely used in pharmaceutical, beverage, petroleum, food, chemical industries, research & education

  • Visual aiming with optical index-plate reading

  • Easy-to-use


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1. Mirror2. Rotation Axis3. Light Proof Plate4. Thermometer
5. Incident Prism Mount6. Dispersion Adjust Knob7. Dispersion Dial8. Eyepiece
9. Cover Plate10. Lock Knob11. Refractive Prism12. Condensing Lens
13. Thermometer Mount14. Base15. Knob of Refractive Index16. Calibration Screw
17. Body18. Circulating Water Connector (×4)



Refractive Index nD1.3000 ~ 1.7000
Accuracy± 0.0002
Dissolved Solids Brix0 ~ 95%
Dimensions200 mm × 100 mm × 240 mm
Weight (net)2.6 kg

List of Parts

Abbe Refractometer1
Screw Driver1
Standard Sample (K9)1
Naphthalene1 Bottle
Plastic Cover1

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