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LEOK-46 Optical Image Differentiation Experiment

LEOK-46 Optical Image Differentiation Experiment


  • Understand principle of optical image differentiation

  • Understand Fourier spatial light filtering

  • Acknowledge structure and principle of 4f optical system

  • Detailed instruction manual


This experiment kit employs an optical correlation method for the spatial differentiation of an optical image, so that the image contour can be outlined with an enhanced contrast. Through this kit, students can get a better understanding of the principles of optical image differentiation, Fourier spatial light filtering, and 4f optical systems.


Semiconductor Laser650 nm, 5.0 mW
Composite Grating100 and 102 lines/mm
Optical Rail1 m 

Part List

Semiconductor laser1
Beam expander (f=4.5 mm)1
Optical rail1
Lens holder3
Composite grating1
Plate holder2
Lens (f=150 mm)3
White screen1
Laser holder1
Two-axis adjustable holder1
Small aperture screen1

 LEOK-46 Optical Image-1.jpg

Experiment result of 1-D image differentiation

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