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LEOK-44 Optical Image Addition/Subtraction Experiments

LEOK-44 Optical Image Addition/Subtraction Experiments


  • Understand physical meaning of optical image addition/subtraction using grating

  • Understand Fourier spatial light filtering

  • Acknowledge structure and principle of 4f optical system

  • Detailed instruction manual


Image addition/subtraction is an optical operation in coherence optics, and it is a method of image recognition. This experiment kit employs a sine grating as the spatial light filter for the realization of optical image addition and subtraction. Through this kit, students can get a better understanding of the principles of optical image addition/subtraction, Fourier spatial light filtering, and 4f optical systems.


Semiconductor Laser5.0 mW@650 nm
One-Dimensional Grating100 lines/mm
Optical Rail1 m 

Part List

Semiconductor laser1
Beam expander (f=4.5 mm)1
Optical rail1
One-dimensional grating1
Plate holder1
Lens (f=150 mm)3
Lens holder4
White screen1
Laser holder1
Two-axis adjustable holder1
Small aperture screen1

LEOK-44 Optical Image-1.png

Bright  area:A+B; Dark area: A-B

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