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LEOI-52 Mode Analyzer with Frequency-Stabilized He-Ne Laser

LEOI-52 Mode Analyzer with Frequency-Stabilized He-Ne Laser

Note: oscilloscope not included


  • Frequency-stabilized He-Ne laser (wavelength, power, and polarization stabilized)

  • Robustly sealed total internal cavity for long storage and operation lifetime

  • Power stability better than 1% and frequency stability better than 1x10-7

  • Direct observation and measurement on oscilloscope


Laser is a very important optical tool that has found widespread use in science and industry. The mode characteristics of a laser are important parameters to determine the application scope of the laser. Mode analysis is done through serial experiments so that various parameters can be obtained to determine how the laser performs against desired specifications. This system is designed to quantitatively assess the mode characteristics of a He-Ne laser. Using a frequency-stabilized laser as light source, the longitudinal mode of the laser is controllable. This system comes with detailed theoretical and operational descriptions so that experiments can be conducted with ease.

Experimental contents cover 

1. observation and understanding of the longitudinal mode and gain curve

2. observation and analysis of the frequency characteristics of a He-Ne laser

Parts and Specifications

Optical railLength: 0.8 m1
Stabilized He-Ne laserOutput power: ≥0.8 mW1
Output power stability: 1%
Frequency stability: 1 x 10-7
Beam divergence angle: 1.7 mrad
Beam waist: 0.48 mm
Dimension of laser tube: Φ32 mm x 200 mm
Life time >12000 hours
4-D adjustable holder
λ/4 wave plate360° rotary, scale 1°, aperture 27 mm1
1-D translation sliderRange: 10 mm
Pin-holeΦ1 mm, with 2-D adjustable holder1
F-P scanning interferometerFree spectral range: 4 GHz; finesse: >1001
Power cord
Instruction manual
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