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LEOI-35C Comprehensive System for Acousto/Electro/Magneto-Optic Effects

LEOI-35C Comprehensive System for Acousto/Electro/Magneto-Optic Effects


  • Complete coverage of acousto-optic, electro-optic, and magneto-optic effects

  • Cost effective solution with components shared among experiments

  • Ample experimental content

  • Magneto-optic, acousto-optic, and electro-optic modulation technique demo


The optical properties such as the refractive index of an anisotropic medium can be altered by external forces (electric or acoustic) exerted on the medium. Moreover, the optical properties such as the polarization of a light beam passing through a medium can change when placed in a magnetic field due to an interaction between the light and the magnetic field in the medium. These interesting and important phenomena are used to design many optical devices including tunable filters, isolators, modulators, and deflectors. This apparatus is a combination of experimental systems of acousto-optic, electro-optic, and magneto-optic effects.


Experiments of magneto-optic effect:


1. Observe polarization rotation induced by magnetic field 
2. Acquire magnetization current versus polarization rotation angle 
3. Observe current direction to rotatory direction and compare with other optical rotation phenomena
4. Calculate the Verdet constant of the material
5. Demonstrate optical communication using magneto-optic modulation technique
6. Verify Malus's law


Experiments of acousto-optic effect:


1. Observe diffraction of light in ultrasonic standing wave field
2. Observe image of ultrasonic standing wave field and measure propagation speed of sound wave
3. Measure diffraction intensity of light by ultrasonic standing wave and calculate diffraction efficiency
4. Measure diffraction intensity peak locations and calculate grating constant

5. Simulate optical communication using acousto-optic modulation technique


Experiments of electro-optic effect:


1. Study optical axis characteristics of LiNbO3 crystal in absence and presence of driving voltage
2. Observe electro-optic modulation phenomenon
3. Measure half-wave voltage and calculate electro-optic coefficient of electro-optic crystal
4. Demonstrate optical communication using electro-optic modulation technique

Parts and Specifications

Optical benchLength: 1.2 m1
Diode laser4 mW at 650 nm with 2-D adjustable holder1
Laser power meter (LLM-1)

3-1/2 digits

Scale: 200 μW, 2 mW, 20 mW, 200 mW

Resolution: 0.1 μW

Power meter probe

Hole apertures: 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 mm

Slit widths: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.8, 1.2 mm

Large 1-D translation stageRange: 90 mm; resolution: 0.01 mm1
AO deviceCentral frequency: 10 MHz with 2-D adjustable holder1
AO main unitFrequency range: 9~11 MHz adjustable1
MO main unit0~3 A adjustable, with built-in speaker1
MO coilLength: 50 mm; number of turns: 16001
MO sampleΦ6 mm, length 30 mm1
Teslameter with probeRange: 0 ~ 2000 mT1
EO main unitVmax ≥ 1600 V with built-in speaker1
LiNbO3 crystalDimension: 5 mm × 5 mm × 30 mm with 3-D adjustable holder1
Light signal amplifier (LLM-4)for AO optical communication demo with built-in speaker1
PolarizerClear aperture: 27 mm2
Photo diode detectorIncl 2-D adjustable holder, ± 2.5 mm1
Photo triode detectorIncl 2-D adjustable holder, ± 2.5 mm1
Φ2.5 mm1
White screen100 mm × 80 mm1
Lensf =100 mm; Φ38 mm1
Beam expander lensIncl 2-D adjustable holder, 40 X1
λ/4 wave plateClear aperture: 27 mm1
1-D adjustable slideRange: 10 mm1
Audio sourceiPod nano1
CableBNC cables (4), red/black cables (1/1), and audio cable (1)7
Power cord
Instruction manual

     LEOI-32A Apparatus of Optical Rotation and Faraday Effect.png

Schematic of Faraday effect

     Apparatus of Optical Rotation and Faraday Effect.png

Setup schematic of  Faraday effect

     Experimental System for Acousto-Optic Effect.png

Experimental setup of measuring diffraction intensity of A-O device

     LEOI-33B Experimental System-1.jpg

Diffraction pattern of A-O device

     LEOI-34A Experimental System for Electro-Optic Modulation.png

Setup schematic of E-O effect 

S: Source laser; P: Polarizer; C: LiNbO3 crystal; A: Analyzer; V: Voltage; D: Photo receiver

      LEOI-34A Experimental System-2.jpg

Interference patterns of polarized light

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