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LEOK-50 Information Optical Experiments with LC-SLM

LEOK-50 Information Optical Experiments with LC-SLM


  • Open structure

  • Powerful software

  • Electro-optic effect of liquid crystal

  • Computed holography


Liquid crystal (LC) is an organic polymer compound that may flow like a liquid, but the molecules may be aligned in a crystal-like orientation. When LC molecules are aligned, the material becomes optically anisotropic. A LC screen is a spatial light modulator (SLM) based on the electro-optic modulation property of the LC material. This type of modulator is electronically addressable so that both input and output signals of the device can be computer-controlled. A LC-SLM can be used for optical signal processing, such as computed holography. It is suitable for optical experiment education in opto-electronic information, physics and other related areas.

Using this kit, the following experiments can be conducted:

1. Electro-optic effect of liquid crystal

2. Microstructure measurement of an electronically addressable LC-SLM using diffraction theory

3. Optical interference and diffraction

4. Computed holography

5. Diffraction efficiency measurement of hologram

6. Verification of Fourier transform and holographic characteristics

Part List



Display type: transmissive LC


Resolution: 1024 x 768
Pixel pitch: 26 μm
Active area: 26.4 mm x 19.8 mm
Modulation mode: amplitude
Spectral range: 500 ~ 700 nm
Signal format: VGA ~ XGA
Frame rate: 60 Hz
SLM Driver
Semiconductor Laser with AC Adapter650 nm1 set
Polarizerdia 60 mm with rotation scale2
CCD Camera
Fourier Transform Lensdia 60 mm, f=300 mm1
B/W Monitor
Optical Power Meter with Detector
1 set
Optical Rail with Slides1.5 m in length1 set
Black Screen
VGA Splitter1 to 41
RS232 Cable9 pins1
Software CD

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Schematic of configuration

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